How some of our team managed to rise to the top of their game.

Education isn't always something you get at school

Experiences of our design team, from the career paths they chose, to that first foot in the slamming door.
What worked and why, as well as some of our hints and tips to get into the world of graphic design, web site design and logo design. We all genuinely love what we do here, it is for this reason that we want to see other like minded creatives succeed. Most of us have worked long hours, for minimal financial reward - we are passionate about deseign and this has made the journey worth it. Its an incredibly difficult career to get off the ground. The rewards are great, and genuinely satisfying, both personally - on an artistic level, and as we hear back that a concept was better than anticipated, or exceeded expectation. Study hard, absorb, listen and question, observe and sketch, sketch, sketch - if you make it, it will most definitely be worth it.