The creative process is a complicated and sophisticated journey. Here we look at the top ten agonies of a creative.

10 Struggles of the creative process

  1. Time; sometimes a job is so quick to turn around that you just don't have the time or facilities to grow an idea that you think would be perfect! Crazy deadlines ;-)

  2. Skill; as a newbie to the industry you can sometimes see something so much more clearly in your head then you can produce or describe to someone.

  3. Clients; sometimes they can be the biggest hindrance (and we love ours!). Some have such a pre-defined idea that you are much more of an artworker rather than a designer.

  4. Taste; the client might have quite different taste to yourself as a designer - its all about making a creative compromise that works for you both and fits the brief!

  5. Current trends; we are influenced by everything we see around us - especially as designers, we notice other great creative work. It's hard not to create work that draws on others as inspiration without completely replicating the same style.

  6. Too many ideas; sometimes you get so much inspiration its overwhelming, yet you can only present the agreed 3 concepts to a client. It normally takes a strong team to whittle these down.

  7. Uncreative days; we're only human, sometimes those juices just won't flow. When the deadlines are tight this can get a little stressful!

  8. People change their minds – we're only human! You as the designer could come up with the best idea, the client loves it, the job is completed.... and then they change their mind... yes, it's back to the drawing board...

  9. Research; sometimes, especially for branding, if you don't research your client and understand their company and objectives, your branding solution will not be successful. Some clients can be a little hard to crack, so it's your job as a design psychologist to make sure you fully understand the brand, the brief and ask the right questions before you go about designing the perfect solution.

  10. Budget; sometimes you have a great idea for a client but its just never going to materialise with the budget constraints that you are given.