COMMUNITY, upstream versus mainstream

a fish in sea Beirut, the graphic design and web design company, presents Community, a small gallery space that champions up-and-coming artists as well as under represented talents, entirely free of charge, smack in the middle of Beirut in our Makdesi Street studio.

Based in Hamra, our third floor office is at the center of the most happening capital city in the Middle East. After being so welcome in Lebanon for over 2 years, a fish in sea is now giving Community back to the community.

Our purpose is to develop and maintain Community as a free space for anyone to exhibit, and by doing so, to nurture knowledge and appreciation of art, design, and craft in Lebanon. By opening up our studio to people of all ages, we aim to establish a creative pool where British and Lebanese design and art interact under one roof.

We're fishing for artists/designers/creators with a hunger for exposure.

Community is open to all creative disciplines: sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, illustration, interactive, installation, graphic design, video, and more.

Come by for some delicious art and design, English tea and biscuits.

upstream versus mainstream

Opening hours are as follows:
Monday to Friday 13:00 - 19:00

For all enquiries drop us a line on 01 739 977 / 70 700 958 or Send an Email to [email protected]