How to design a logo

How to design a logo

The introduction...
Logo Design is the most important aspect of any company brand. It may seem like a long, arduous, complex project but in fact the steps on getting there are relatively simple but missing out any of them (or the following tips!) can slow this process down and increase the workload. Getting this process right will ensure you get a fab logo that both client and designer are happy with.

Before you begin, it's important to ask your client the relevant questions so that you can work with an informed brain! We have a list of questions which we send out to clients looking for logo design, the answers to these questions can form basic but important brief which you have to work by.

Questions to ask are:

  1. Text/Name to be used in logo?

  2. Trademark / Registered?

  3. Is there a tag line to be used or added to the logo?

  4. Number of colours required/desired?

  5. Company/logo colours if applicable or available?

  6. Brief description and overview of the company, service and/or product this logo will represent?

  7. Creative Strategy: Pointers on your logo design?

  8. Themes (BUZZWORDS) that you wish to portray in your logo?

  9. Describe some ideas you might have in mind for your logo design, or features that you DO NOT wish integrated into your logo?

  10. Any web sites/companies that have logos SIMILAR to what you're looking for?

  11. Any logos in our portfolio that are similar to what you're trying to achieve?

  12. Please provide any other specific information that will help us propose your logo design preliminary designs?

  13. Usage?


Once you have these answers, you may find it helpful to set up a face to face meeting with the client. This helps to get a better picture of the type of solution you should be aiming for. Sometimes its not possible to do this (for example your client may not be based in the UK), but you should try and get them in the door as conversation and building up a relationship with your client can only benefit the design process!

We have broken the process down into stages...feel free to take a look!