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Digital publishing in London, UK

The worlds of publishing are becoming more blurred every day. We used to have very clear distinctions between what was print and what was indeed digital. It was easy to differentiate - print was designed in a desk top publishing package and ended up on paper, whereas the digital team worked in magical code that made things appear on screen. Very different types of people doing very different projects. Then came along mobile devices and so our world changed!

Today, these two worlds have never been closer and so drawing the line that divides them becomes more difficult. Designs done today in DTP software can end up on an iPad or your HTC Desire. Designers are no longer 'for print or web', and they find themselves working hand in hand with developers, indeed, developing themselves. A new hybrid of designer is born. Think this sounds like the talk of a mad man? Welcome to the world of digital publishing!

Digital publishing design.
If your publication needs a redesign, re-imagining or you just need some fresh ideas, then we can help. Our digital publishing team are experienced at realising your vision, or creating one from scratch where no branding exists. We can work in house, with your internal team, or alongside external digital publishing designers and developers if required. We can assist with initial planning and ideation which will ensure that each page will be as engaging an experience for the user as possible and that the content is easily digestible and intuitively reached.

So if you are looking for assistance with launching the digital arm of your publication or creating a new spin off edition, our team of designers can help.

Digital publishing development.
We find a lot of clients may have internal design skills and possibly a web team even, but not the new hybrid of skills which go into making a digital publication work on a mobile device. We can work in any software, be it PressRun, AppStudio, Adobe DPS, etc. We can also hand code bespoke HTML5 to realise the more tricky and flashy requirements you may have, from creating bespoke GEO location environments, push notifications, interactive user touch/swipe and reveal screens, database driven competitions, etc. We can even supply you with the HTML and assets for your team to plug in to their design if required.

Our dedicated digital publishing development team are able to help you push the engagement of your publication to it's limits.

Digital publishing supplements.
Through our experience in digital publications, we find that whilst the client's internal team may be able to handle the day to day standard publication requirements, when it comes to a special supplement or edition, this may be a step too far in terms of either resource or time. Whether you require a sponsored edition of the usual publication, or an on brand supplement, we can help you realise the end solution from ideation, through design and development, to final testing and deployment.

We are here to be a part of your team to help get your digital publishing supplements out of the door.

Digital publishing testing.
As new devices are released, so the amount of testing required becomes more difficult. You may already have a publication that works in iOS, but now you need it to run on Android devices and KIndle Fire HD. As user's device habits change, so you may now need to expand your reach over to smartphones as well as tablets. All of this takes experience to know how to make things work on different devices and OS, but also the device library to test upon. This is where we can assist. Our digital publishing team have created publications for the biggest publishers in the UK as well as globally. We can produce publications that work across OS and that work on both tablets and smartphones. We can test using our library of devices that we have in house. We are also experienced with many of the online portals and the more bespoke.

So if you need assurances that your digital publication will work cross platform, we can help.

Digital publishing content.
So you have design and development covered, but any publication without the content is not going to engage and ultimately succeed. We have a team of national journalists. If you have a particular niche your publication is looking for, or a specific article that needs an experience copywriter to apply that relevant touch, then we can assist. Working alongside your team, we can plan a word count and form a brief. Feeding this to the right copywriter for the job will see the copy be relevant, on brief and engaging for the user. We can work by the word, article or the whole publication. For lager projects, we can also get experienced editors and subs in place to ensure the whole publication pulls together on time and on budget.

So if you are looking for that niche or total copy solution, we can handle all of your digital publishing content requirements.

Digital publishing distribution.
Once the content is in the design, and the developing and testing is complete, the publication still needs to be distributed. Some clients will have this set up, especially if the publication is a new issue or special issue, but if not, then we can help you get your publication out to market. If this is for the Apple, Android or Kindle market, we can help. We have access to all of these accounts and can take you through the dark art of publishing your app to the masses.