Growing demand for the freelance graphic designer

Growing demand for the freelance graphic designer

Some professions have managed to find comfort despite the recession, and demand has never been higher for the freelance graphic designer.

The recession sweetened chocolate sales for confectionery giant, Cadbury PLC, almost tripling net profit in the first half of 2009, as people turned to chocolate during the recession. Not exactly surprising. As expected, debt management agencies and sell-your-house-for-cash companies have witnessed a sweet return during the bitter downturn. The freelance graphic designer has also been able to find comfort in the credit crunch, as more and more companies outsource their services as and when it's needed.

As the market shifts to accommodate freelance creatives, design agencies would be foolish not to incorporate off-site services for clients who need to effectively 'borrow' talent for a couple of days.

Need a freelance graphic designer?
Most companies have had to turn to outsourcing for one thing or another. Not only does it provide you with a cost-effective on-demand service, but it saves a lot of time. Like freelancers in any industry, a freelance graphic designer is trained, qualified and usually has a world of experience behind them. You could quite easily compare it to a product that is fully equipped, fully vetted, tried and tested (always look at his/her portfolio), pretty much self-servicing, packaged and requires little maintenance. Sure, you may have to give up a few cups of coffee here and there, but you only pay for the time that you use. No salaries, no holiday days and no sickness or absence. Freelancing is all about efficiency.

Efficiency - a fish in sea
We are a design agency, based in South London. Our graphic designers work from our studio and produce quality work for a very extensive client base. Although we are not freelance designers, we can discuss working on site as part of your team if necessary.

We treat each person, business and project with a unique outlook so we can come up with the very best package for you - tailored and bespoke. We endeavour to get to know you, your company values, and your customers so that we can perform to our very best. It's all about understanding your audience - in order to understand you, we need to understand your clients. And vice versa.

Here at a fish in sea, we are a bricks and mortar design agency - if you are considering hiring a freelance graphic designer, talk to us about how we can lend you one of our creative hot shots for a short period of time. We don't bite. In fact, we're as tame as the fish in the sea.

Call now for further information: 08000 58 24 50.