Logo design for businesses

Logo design for businesses

As a designer, the responsibility to deliver a fantastic corporate logo design for a company or brand is immense. Equally if you are the one looking for the logo, its paramount that you direct the deign in a way that does not compromise your brand.

Get a corporate logo design right and the benefits will come in the shape of

  • Trust in your company and the product or services the brand has to offer
  • Familiarity with the company and the brand
  • A professional presentation
  • A tight design
  • Recognition

All the above can only go one way ...building your brand and increasing capital. Get it wrong and you could be damaging your business. You don't want potential customers to see your logo and laugh because it looks like a piece of clipart that has been designed in Word, as well as that, you want it to be memorable - the aim of developing a great business logo design is to burn that image into people's minds. A logo is not just a pretty picture to have to put on your business card, its a powerful aspect of your corporate identity and should be carefully considered.

When designing a corporate logo, it is important to think about the different aspects that want to shine through in the logo. Any logo design should portray positive connotations - for example, fun, professional, clean, transparency, honesty, sustainability. All of these aspects can be easily communicated in either subtle or more blatant ways, its just about getting the right balance of aspects without watering the logo design down. Remember less is more, the strongest brands usually have very little going on.

Business and corporate logo design doesn't have to be boring. Sure some companies want to be understated, use colours and imagery that could be interpreted as safe or generic, but every once in a while, we get the daring ones that say - "...pink? huh... yeah I could see that working!" or "sure go for it, lets go acid or psychedelic fonts"

If your looking for a corporate logo design, ask yourself this question "how daring can I afford to go with this?". Don't worry, you don't have to go nuts with it, even a little touch of an accent colour can be quite bold (just in an understated way!) Go on... dare to be different...