Graphic design in London, UK

Technology means we can do business with anyone in the world, from anywhere in the world. But as our world becomes smaller, your voice needs to be bigger.
How you communicate and stand out from the competition is vital for visibility and success. At a fish in sea, we offer far reaching graphic design solutions to help lift your voice creating a distinctive tone. We'll make your marketing materials sing.

Our graphic design studio in London, UK, is grounded in fundamental artistic disciplines, from illustration to animation, photography to freehand drawing, web site design to print. No matter how extensive your brief, we'll find the right graphic design solution to speak directly to your target market. Whether its product packaging, logo design, brochures, flyers, business cards or t-shirts, our graphic design studio in London is a creative hothouse. Through logo design, artwork, text, shape and colour, our job is to give order to the information, ideas and values that you want to project.

Efficient, succinct and powerful visual communication is our passion. Great graphic design can sell a product or idea. It can stamp your corporate identity and brand your organisation, giving it shape and definition. Effective Visual communication can cross barriers. It can lift your product or service, helping it speak directly to its audience. Helping your product or service become instantly recognisable, trusted and familiar.

a fish in sea's graphic design London UK team work with you to establish an effective tailor-made design strategy. We do this by getting to know who you are and who your target audience are, so we speak in the right language, push the right buttons, and get the right tone.

Key aims may be to generate contact, obtain a sale, maintain brand awareness, or encourage customer loyalty. We understand the power of visual communication - how graphic design can make you stand taller with strong branding. That brand familiarity generates trust, which in turn make the task of selling in the future much easier.

Our graphic design London UK team are an experienced, passionate and highly motivated bunch. We deliver creative design solutions to our clients that consistently fulfil their objectives. We are a full service graphic design agency equipped both creatively and practically to cater for any client design project brief.

Our graphic design pointers for a successful project:

  • What are you selling or promoting - and why? If you can answer these two questions, you are well on your way to a successful graphic design project. These answers essentially dictate the aims, direction, budget and timescale. Get them right and the project should run smoothly!
  • Establish the aims for your graphic design project, the requirements, target market and what the core call to action is.
  • Discuss appropriate formats that can be explored to meet the design project requirements - we can help if you are unsure!
  • Pop into our graphic design London UK studio for a chat - personality and chemistry are important, and we know we'll be seeing a lot more of each other...