Letterhead design

Letterhead design

Professionalism at its peak
Choosing a letterhead design can be crucial to the success of your company. Your selected design will jump out from all future correspondence; don't let it be for the wrong reasons.

Letterhead design is an important part of your company image as a whole. Blow competitors out of the water with bespoke letterhead design from London UK based design experts a fish in sea.

Consistency is the key
A letterhead design is part of your stationery package which includes a business card design, a compliment slip design and often a continuation sheet. Ensure your brand is embossed on all of these stationary essentials and is consistent throughout. After all if you don't commit to your own branding how can you expect potential clients to?

Don't let the little details let you down. A bespoke approach to letterhead design can reflect positively on your company and can enhance your corporate identity significantly. London UK based design team at a fish in sea can help.

Expect the best
London UK based letterhead design agency, a fish in sea can offer expert knowledge and advice on a cutting edge graphic design tailored to a company's specific requirement.

Letterhead design tips

  • Consider both sides - a strong message can be conveyed with a double sided letterhead design.
  • Integrate with your corporate identity; this is on opportunity to strengthen your brand.
  • Be colourful - with the options of full colour, as well as spot colours, a wide spectrum of colour can be obtained in print. Stand out from the crowd with impact.
  • Calculate the quantity required carefully - longer print runs are proportionately cheaper per unit, but are wasteful if not all are used before circumstances change.
  • Get more flexibility from a design, by overprinting the address in-house as required, then letterhead and continuation can be the same sheet, and are easily modified if circumstances change in the future.
  • Consider the paper stock carefully; it says a lot about you. Choose from heavy or lightweight, recycled or unbleached, matt, silk or gloss.

To see how an unrivalled letterhead design service can benefit you drop us a line at a fish in sea London, UK.