Logo design in London, UK

Logo design in London, UK

For experienced identity creation, speak to a fish in sea
Brand identity is key. A logo is the cornerstone of your company. It is how your audience will instantly recognise who you are. It will tell them that you are a trusted brand. At a fish and sea, we know the power of a logo. We are one of the original logo design companies in London, UK, specialising in online logo design and branding. We have designed hundreds of logos for established and start-up businesses seeking a strong visual identity.

Identity parade
A logo is crucial to a brand. A logo's design should inspire familiarity, trust and reassurance. The use of colour, graphics, font or image is integral to good logo design. Successful logo design needs to dovetail aesthetics with functionality. Your logo needs to be produced in its original design across a range of applications - in colour, in black and white, in small and large sizes. At a fish in sea we offer logo design in the UK that fuses business nous with our unique creative flair. We know the colours that go - the tones that trigger emotions - whether you want to shout in primary reds to grab your client's attention or use subdued tones to communicate a sense of relaxation or reliability. Our logo designers know the right buttons to push.

Clear in design, unique in nature, instantly recognisable

As a leading logo design team in London UK, we have the expertise to ensure your logo has longevity. Logo design is the most difficult area of graphic design to perfect - and the most important. A successful logo can make or break a brand. There are millions of similar products and services all vying for the top. And it's the ones with the iconic logos that stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Getting to know you
We see the world through your eyes, try on your shoes, learn the idiosyncrasies of your language and generally get right under your skin. Our aim is to offer a bespoke logo design service in London and across the UK that represents the essence of your company's brand or corporate identity. Its vital to get your logo seen as frequently as possible, this familiarity can be key in making a future sale. Your logo needs to be reliable and timeless. Changing logos is counterproductive, leaving your audience confused and fickle.

We get it right the first time. Speak to a fish in sea for logo design that is relevant, meaningful and memorable, creating a clear impression for your customers whilst uniquely representing who you are. Don't drown in the sea of anonymity; a fish in sea can throw you a lifeline.

Why choose a fish in sea to create your logo design?

  • Our step by step process produces unique, intelligent logo design solutions. We work in partnership with you - your opinion and feedback are important to us - and we need you to be involved to get the best from the design process. We do deliver!
  • a fish in sea fixed fee logo design is available to anyone with an email address. From logo design consultation, logo concepts, through to final logo delivery, we save you money by handling the graphic logo design process over the web.
  • a fish in sea provide a bespoke graphic logo design, tailored to your needs and budget. Top designers work on your graphic logo design from the outset. You get genuine value for money
  • a fish in sea only supply unique, bespoke graphic logo designs - because you are unique.
  • a fish in sea subscribe to the Safebuy 'protecting the consumer' scheme to ensure confidence in our services. SafeBuy members are monitored through mystery shopping. Further information at www.safebuy.org.uk - including the Code of Practice which SafeBuy members agree to follow.