Arabic logo design, Beirut

Arabic logo design, Beirut

Graphic design in the Middle East is coming together with its counterpart in the west through the collaboration of the Latin and Arabic letters and symbols on one canvas.

After the rise of Lebanon, Dubai and Qatar to name a few countries, international brands have become more interested in opening branches in the Middle East and have started looking for ways to adapt their corporate identity design to suit the Arabic market through adapting it's logo into an Arabic logo design.

Arabic logo design in Beirut is very common. The use of Arabic and English logos is more abundant than ever before. As those adaptations increase, the possibility to compare and appraise has become possible. A good example of an Arabic and English logo in the Middle East is Gulf 'Air'. This Arabic and English logo has a unique balance which allows both designs to work together in harmony. The British Council in Lebanon also has a well constructed Arabic logo adaptation because the letter strokes on the western and arabic logo adaptation are identical in weight curve and colour.

Arabic type is created from Arabic calligraphy, and therefore a challenge to adapt especially when there is a shortfall of Arabic fonts in comparison to western ones.

When Arabic logo adaptations are created after the Latin version, the basic rules of Arabic calligraphy are sometimes compromised in order to make the Arabic and Latin logos 'gel together'. In an Arabic logo adaptation, designers try to create serif and sans serif Arabic logos that resemble the English ones. This is a genuine design challenge as the concept of serifs does not exist in Arabic lettering. The answer is to develop designs from a mixed team of Arabic and western taught designers who can give you the best and most considered solution. The aim is to conserve some rules of Arabic calligraphy as well as compliment the already established western logo. At a fish in sea we have this unique blend of Arabic and Western designers, producing high end design solutions for Middle Eastern and western brands. Contact us to see how we can improve your international presence.

A few facts about Arabic typography:
Arabic letters are a combination of connected and stand alone letters.
The Arabic alphabet have no upper case letters.
There are no Serif fonts or sans serif fonts in Arabic.

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