Signage design in London, UK

Vinyl, flat-cut or 3-D and raised signage
A company is initially remembered by it's branding, or corporate identity. For a shop owner this can be their public facing, and most important, form of branding. This type of business may only get customers through their door if their outside branding conveys the correct message. The same can be said for the signage design for a client's corporate offices, the signage design needs to not only conform to the corporate guidelines, but also subtly speak to the customers.

From gold leaf artistry to LED lit chrome plated letters, the dedicated design team at a fish in sea will work closely with the client and the signage manufacturers to achieve an attractive and memorable sign design.

What is involved in sign making?
Signage design is an industry in itself. From basic calligraphic menu signs to custom built 3-D signage, the possibilities for signage design are endless.

Often the company's logo design is the predominant feature and for the first time it can be realised in 3-D if appropriate. The design has to be clear and visible from afar which is challenging to achieve as signs often have contact details important for a re-visit.

a fish in sea have strong links with signage manufacturers and can advise on:

  • 3-D signs such as acrylic-cut logos and letters
  • LED lit signage
  • Chrome-faced shapes and logos
  • raised moulded letters
  • and even simple vinyl designs

a fish in sea work closely with the client and signage manufacturer to achieve the best results because our signage design team understand that the signage design has to suit the environment it is to live in, the laws of the local area and most importantly the clients specific requirements.

With the combined expertise, a fish in sea's design team have completed signage design projects for companies such as London Zoo and JCB, to name but a couple.