Our flash designers can add engaging animation to bring your message to life.

Flash design in London, UK

Add a little something...
During the initial consultation stages with a client, a fish in sea are often told, "We don't want any flash design on our website."

But it's not before long that we are told by our clients that they want to add a little something extra to their web site design project. Flash design can be many different things including:

  • Flash games - these could be stand alone games, used to promote marketing drives or for SEO purposes.
  • Website banners - instead of a static image, flash design can convey many messages in a small space.
  • Stand alone applications - DVD menus, area maps, animations or something you would like to send out via email marketing.
  • Full flash websites - with a flash website, you can have sound, animation, video and transitions.
  • Viral marketing - this has become a very successful marketing technique when done correctly, and flash allows clients to create something unique and memorable.
  • Website call to action buttons - make your call to action eye-catching to convert traffic into sales.

However you choose to use it, flash design can make a significant difference to your website. Whatever you need from flash design, London UK based agency, a fish in sea can help you grab the attention of your web users.

Flash design can be anything from a complete website to a small area of animation, full character work to using the technology as part of an integrated solution. Indeed, sometimes flash design can be truly awe inspiring - at other times the mark of good flash design is when it is not noticeable at all. We look at each project individually and aim to meet all of your requirements when creating a website for you, so that the final product is bespoke to your business. For a little extra oomph, swim over to our side of the pond and ask for intelligent flash design.

London, UK - Trends don't rule our school
Our interactive school of graphic designers and programmers won't be ruled by every technology trend that hits the waves. We identify the right solution because it works for you, not because it's going to look fancy on our portfolio. You come first every time. And that is what makes a fish in sea stand out from the others.

Looking for flash design in London, UK? We have unrivalled experience in flash design, covering many different needs, clients and sectors. Got a strange request? Try us...