Our professional illustrators help your audience draw the right conclusion.

Illustration in London, UK

Got a big idea? We can illustrate it...
We're here to help you make your ideas heard. Whether that's using clever copy, cutting edge design, or beautiful illustration by talented artists, we can make a loud impression through creative innovation. An illustration gives impact to any corporate message. A good illustration can be striking, intriguing, insightful - but most importantly - memorable.

The magic of illustration
London UK based graphic design agency, a fish in sea, can make your vision a reality. Whatever ideas you have inside your head, we can squeeze it out of you and re-create illustrations that exceed your project brief. Here at a fish in sea, we love two things - efficiency and breaking boundaries.

An illustration is a progressive process of image making, and forming a visual story that can communicate effectively with your target audience. Do you need something fresh and funky to appeal to a young and hip audience? Or do you need something classically stunning to reach out to the consumer who responds to something a little more refined?

Can pictures speak louder than words?

With illustration, London UK based agency, a fish in sea can speak to your audience clearly and concisely. We understand that illustration can be the most important tool when trying to simplify a complex message. When words just don't flow with the current, pictures can make a louder impression. So is it graphic design or fine art?

At a fish in sea, we believe that they are one, and the same thing. The level of research, appraisal, critique and heartache that we apply to an illustration is equal to that of all our graphic art - be it a logo design, a letterhead design, a rich picture or a simple compliment slip design. Illustration differs on an artistic level, because there is a lot more room for personal interpretation. Before we start your project, we will pick your brain and you can put your creative vision in the hands of our experts.

Hook, line and sinker - The power of illustration
London, UK can be a minefield when trying to find a design agency that really listens. At a fish in sea, we're all ears. We're not happy until we've taken all your ideas on board our creative ship. Creative or not, if you have anything stored up there, we say, "All aboard now!"

At a fish in sea, we take time to get to know you, your business, your industry and your audience. From computer generated illustration to conventional media, we offer something that sails in all oceans. We can provide high end corporate art, graphical representations, diagrammatic and representational solutions, 3-D fly renders and fly through - we're an artistic bunch!

Your illustration can be supplied in a wide range of formats, from digital files for printing, or online usage to canvas for framing. For quality illustration in London, UK, we're here to help.