Interactive Manager

Interactive Manager

Jamie trained as an actor as he saw his life as one of treading the boards. He worked in London plying his trade at a number of theatres and even a world tour. Then he met a girl who demanded he get a 'real job', and so Jamie went into the weird and wonderful world of Graphic Design.

He first started in an agency outside of London, where he worked in every aspect of Graphic Design, from production, client handling, reprographics, running an image library, etc. Jamie has always enjoyed the web and so requested that he move into the interactive field. After a few years working as a client handler and programmer/ web site designer he was promoted to Interactive Manager.

This he followed for a couple of years learning all there was to know about running an Interactive Company. At the same time running his own private company dotslahcom. After a few years he decided it was time to seek out his fortune on his own and so left the graphic design agency and started up sicPuppy, an interactive company which he ran for 3 years.

Jamie has always had a passion for people, apart from the tax man! So, after a few good years doing his own thing, he joined forces with Michael where he now runs the Interactive Department at a fish in sea.

Jamie has a love of life that is rivalled by none! His other passions include, writing, reading, films, music, football and just generally anything to do with other people!