Graphic Designer - Head of Beirut Office

Graphic Designer - Head of Beirut Office

When we asked Kais for some info for his Bio page, all we got in return was a list of Arsenal victories (he assures us that there are some!) and terrace chants! To ensure that Kais does not come across as some kind of football obsessed nut, we will fill in the blanks for him!

Born and bred in Beirut, Lebanon, Kais' initial years in education saw a flair for both the artistic and more academic subjects. This shows in his split of subjects when he went to the American University of Beirut (AUB) and had the choice to major in Mechanical Engineering and Graphic Design. Luckily for us, the latter won through to his heart and he decided to major in Graphic Design and minor in Art History. Geoff was running our office out there at the time and saw the talent that Kais had, and so bought him into the fold on an internship.

Looking to study an MA in Graphic Branding and Identity, and see the world a little at the same time, he took the decision to come to London, and a giant step towards the Emirates Stadium!

Through his years, Kais has become a bit of a fontaphile, seeing projects on both his BA and MA focussed on adapting fonts and how we view language across different societies. Firstly he created the first set of Arabic emoticons. His MA saw Kais expand the English alphabet to accommodate sounds that are not available to the English speaker, mainly present in Arabic, and created an expanded English alphabet made of 41 letters (which can now be purchased from the gift shop!).

Once finished with his studies, and certain that Arsenal were not going to win anything with him here, Kais worked in the UK office for a while before returning to Lebanon to run our Beirut office and become engaged to Lama, his highschool sweetheart.

Yes Kais, we will mention it - apart from being a VERY talented individual, Kais is also an avid Arsenal fan...sigh!