Life can be full of compromises, but quality is never one of them.

Our quality assurance policy

Design quality, with genuine assurance.

a fish in sea are a passionate group of designers, whose own personal levels of skill and quality are reflected in the high quality work that we produce. We are genuinely content when the brief is exceeded and the client is satisfied, we have built our reputation on developing innovative, bespoke graphic design solutions to a wide range of clientele. With projects ranging from logo design and web site design right through to complete corporate identity design and branding solutions, every project is handled with care, attention and enthusiasm to ensure the best possible solution.

Design Business Association (DBA)

a fish in sea are proud members of the Design Business Association (DBA), the largest design trade association in the world.

We are DBA member no. 027145. The DBA encourages the highest standards of professional design practice from its members and champions the principal that design is an investment, not an expense - design has the power to generate substantial return on investment.

We subscribe to and fully support the DBA Code of Conduct

Where relevant, members of the Design Business Association are expected to support both the letter and the spirit of this recommended code as a series of business behaviour guidelines.

  1. The first responsibility of a member is to whoever commissions the design.
  2. In discharging that responsibility members are expected to act in a competent, honourable and efficient manner.
  3. Whilst members may act as consultants or as traders, and may receive payment for services or goods in a variety of ways providing there is no conflict with their client's interests, they should disclose to the client all sources of payment before commencing work and should ensure that they are included in any offer or proposal. Similarly, members must disclose to a client any financial involvement with suppliers or sub-contractors or similar third parties involved in the contract.
  4. A member company should not work simultaneously on competitive projects without informing the clients involved.
  5. Members should not divulge to any other party information about a client, which is confidential or which may be detrimental to his business. This confidentiality may by agreement be limited as to time. Similarly, members should not allow their staff to show work of a confidential nature to others, including potential employers, without prior written agreement.
  6. Members should not give or receive substantial benefits which might cause an obligation to any party in a contract and therefore not best serve the interests of the design commissioner.
  7. Members should not take part in pitches, which require unpaid work. The level of payment for pitches should relate to the time and effort involved.
  8. Members may promote their services by all normal commercial means such as advertising or public relations activity, providing this is legal, decent, honest and truthful.
  9. Members shall not knowingly copy the work of another company or practice.

For more information visit the DBA website.


SafeBuy Protects Consumers
a fish in sea also subscribe to the SafeBuy Assurance Scheme for online retailers - we are member no: 601131.

The SafeBuy Assurance Scheme is the UK's leading consumer assurance scheme with the only eCommerce Code of Practice approved under Stage One of the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme by the Office of Fair Trading. This assures online consumers that e-commerce sites are safe and trustworthy. In the event of any unresolved dispute between a retailer and a consumer SafeBuy will act as mediators at no charge to either party.

For more information visit the SafeBuy website