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a. Who will be the key decision maker for the project?

Ideally, there should be one person in charge of all design based decisions and approval. Designing by committee, or even just a few decision makers, can see the flow of information become more confusing and contradicting, resulting in a longer project time and possibly compromising the end result. So let's keep it simple!

b. What kind of business is the branding for?

For instance, NGO, PLC, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Sole Trader, Charity, etc

c. How many offices do you have?


Payment Terms We will not begin your project until you have accepted our firm quotation for the work. We generally ask for 50% payment upfront and the balance on completion. This ensures we are committed to working with each other and reaching a successful conclusion. Once we have received your full payment copyright ownership of the design will automatically be transferred to you. If payment is not received within 30 days of the final invoice date we reserve the right to withdraw from the sale and to retain full intellectual property rights of the work we have produced for you (breach of copyright is a criminal offence).