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Wedding invitation design in London, UK

A match made in heaven
There are two types of wedding ceremonies. Traditional weddings which are closely linked to religion, tradition or personal upbringing, or the unconventional - which can be anything from an Elvis themed wedding in Vegas, saying 'I Do" whilst jumping out of a plane, holding the ceremony on a flotilla of gondolas in Venice or a clandestine affair in Gretna Green, Scotland.

Just as every person is different, every wedding's requirements are different and this is just the way that a fish in sea's designers will approach the special day. The first step is understanding just what the wedding means to the client, understanding what a dream wedding is for them in particular. With some insight into this ideal, a fish in sea will help the client produce such items as:

  • invitations
  • the order of service
  • table plans
  • thank-you cards
  • design your wedding album
  • produce a suitable graphical feel to the wedding film

The invites must reflect such occasion, which means that attention to detail is vital. The use of symbols, nature, seasons, illustrations might be what one client requires but another may find it inappropriate and a contemporary approach sought. Good communication between client and designer is essential as the client will often have a picture in their head of what they would like to see. The designer's job is to realise this visually.

All of this visualisation can only come from the creation of a close team between a fish in sea and the client.
A wedding ceremony often has its unique identity, which means that a good designer should apply the same mindset as he would to any branding exercise. In this way the clients will receive a logical and organic progression starting with the wedding invite, then moving onto the order of service until you finally get to the thank-you cards.

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