We look after our design resources, so they can look after us.

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The graphic design industry is an extremely competitive place to be. As more and more colleges, universities and specialised graphic design courses spring up, many enthusiastic creatives are starting out on their career in the graphic design industry.

Already being well into our chosen profession, some more than others here at a fish in sea, we are well aware of the challenges ahead for these budding graphic designers. Graphic design from the UK is seen as one of the best in the world, and for good reason, but with the rest of the globe attempting to compete - with low costs, low overheads, etc, the graphic design industry is an even more competitive sector now.

We feel it is time to give back to our own industry. If we cannot look after our own, the stars of the future, then who can? a fish in sea are constantly looking to help students, of all ages, whether it be through offering valuable work experience in an established London graphic design agency, or even just through offering advice, we endeavour to help where we can.

This section of the site is dedicated to the graphic design students out there who are looking to launch their own careers as graphic designers. In this section you will find in depth information on:

Hints and tips Guidance on anything design related. If you think we have missed something out, please submit your own.

Design image info In depth information on file formats, and the surrounding technologies, as well as most appropriate application.