Our compliment slip designs say more than just thank you.

Compliment slip design in London, UK

How do you use yours?
How do you use your compliment slips? A message of thanks? A sincere apology? Or a delivery note for goods and purchases? The key to a successful compliment slip design is remembering its purpose. We endeavour to get to know you, your business, your customers and exactly how you will be using your compliment slips.

Taking on board just how you could benefit from compliment slip design, London UK based graphic design agency, a fish in sea, can give you bespoke creations that change the external and internal communications of your company. We do everything in our power to build lasting relationships with you, our client. So should you, with yours.

Communication is key - Don't overlook compliment slip design

London UK based design agency, a fish in sea can deliver cutting edge compliment slip design to reinforce your brand identity. Along with your business cards and letterheads, and even your web site design, your compliment slips act as a reminder of your corporate image.

Compliment slips are very important for communication - and as your clients are the cornerstone of your business success, shouldn't you make it your priority to get communication spot on? At a fish in sea, we enjoy the relationships that we develop, and our clients are nourished with regular contact - of which, a major part is the compliment slip.

Design - London, UK
What makes us different from any other design agency in London? We like to generate trust in all of our customers, building on real business relations. We encourage you to do the same.

What to expect from quality compliment design:

  • Clear logo
  • Typeface must reflect the letterhead style
  • Sufficient white space for the author to write a note
  • Always hand write your message for a personal touch
  • Aim to distribute them with every item you send
  • Use as a method of keeping in contact informally and save paper

Don't be a fish out of water in your industry. Make a lasting impression and call a fish in sea on 08000 58 24 50 to discuss your requirements.