Come on in, take a seat, would you like a cup of tea?

Meet our design team

Michael Mursell
(Managing Director and Head of Design)

The Head Honcho, The Big Cheese, Our Driving Force and Wonderous Leader! Through Michael's experience and expertise, he steers us all onwards and upwards, making sure that we actually reach the dizzy heights a graphic design studio should do and which we regularly set ourselves.

Rena Danias


Rena was the first female fish in the sea! She swam in through our doors in a wave of enthusiasm and fantastic graphic design abilities and we have never looked back since. She has not only flourished into our in-house 'paper pervert', but also a fine mother to Dany! Bless her!

Tina Wei

(Lead Web Designer)

Tina has ended her journey from her home country of China by landing in our pond! Web Site Designer doesn't really describe our Tina though...animator, artist, inking specialist, fact, after seeing what she is capable of creating given a pot of black ink and some scratchy bits of metal...we sometimes wonder what on earth is going on inside that sweet head of hers!