A well designed book jacket can speak a thousand words.

Book jacket design in London, UK

The book jacket is the first thing that speaks to a reader. Not the words it protects. Book jacket designs are powerful. A book jacket will determine whether the book is picked up or glanced past and left on the shelf. Period.

Bespoke book jacket design - London, UK talent
Looks matter. In a competitive marketplace, it's our job to make sure a book gets into the hands of its target readers. As with any web site design, your book jacket design has barely a second to influence a browser to stop. It then has another second to convince the browser to pick it up and read the blurb. Then, and only then, do the words take over and do their magic. That's why book jacket design is so crucial to your book's success. If a picture speaks a thousand words, it better be the right picture. We offer book jacket design that stands out from the crowd.

A novel approach
a fish in sea are experienced in the design artwork and production of both hard and soft back jackets, as well as the all important spine art. A book jacket needs to speak directly to its target audience, and to do that, it needs to know their nuances, speak their language, push their buttons. We achieve this by ensuring we understand your book, front to back, inside and out. We make it our job to understand your thoughts and your audiences' thoughts, so we can visualise the right result.

You won't have to read between the lines with our book jacket designs
a fish in sea create book jackets that sing. Our designs suit both the author and the subject matter, for fiction and non-fiction. And when we create your distinctive book jacket design, our London, UK studio is an open door - we understand the design of the book jacket is a lasting legacy that represents your work - so we welcome the author's input and opinion.

Talk to a fish in sea about our tailor made book jacket design services. Our London, UK graphic design studio has the creative vision and marketing talent to grab your readers hook, line and sinker.