Our data sheets are creatively designed with clarity of focus in mind.

Data sheet design in London, UK

Data sheets are an efficient snap shot, capturing the complexities of your products or services in a digestible, accessible format.
You don't want to baffle, perplex, confuse or bore your target audience. You want to entice, engage and inspire. Great data sheet design is all about getting to grips with the stats, facts and figures and turning them into digestible, attractive and efficient data sheets.

London's a fish in sea is one of the UK's leading graphic design agencies. We use our strong visual skills to create dazzling data sheet design. Offering you a targeted method to present a portfolio, product or service, with flexibility to mix and match information that's relevant to your client.

Digging the data

We work closely with you to understand the aims of your marketing collateral. Data sheet design plays an important role in the promotion of a product - giving an in depth overview on information that's relevant to your client. Technical specifications are depicted in a logical and clear design, with a digestible summary of the features and benefits of your product or service.

This technical breakdown has to be accurate, appropriate and easy to absorb. Using our graphic design flair, we display the assets and advantages of your products in their best light. Our job is to make the consumer make a decision to invest - by making it apparent as to why this is the choice for them.

Great data sheet design allows the reader to find and absorb the information they need. It helps them make a confident, informed purchase decision.

The data sheet design should be relevant and reflect your printed elements as well as your web site design, in fact - your whole corporate identity, and your house style as this strongly reinforces your brand.

Key points in data sheet design:

  • Keep the content specific and relevant to the product or service.
  • Summarise features and benefits in a logical way to build trust in your product or service.
  • Summarise accurately the product or service specifications.
  • Use your data sheet design as a marketing tool - it is an opportunity to enhance and build your brand.

a fish in sea is a leading London, UK graphic design agency. We produce high quality functional and targeted data sheet design to our clients exacting requirements. We are experienced in the depiction of information in a clear, easy to absorb, memorable graphic design solution. Drop us a line to see how we can help on 08000 58 24 50.