Our content management system puts you in control, so we don't have to be.

Content management systems, London, UK

We've got it under control
If you want to take control of your website through content management systems, London UK based design agencies like us have the intelligence and the know-how to give you full control. Your website is the face of your company, brand or product. If you want an easy way to update your web site design, content or structure, a fish in sea can provide you with a bespoke content management system.

London, UK - Where all the big fish live
In the capital, you will find an endless list of graphic design agencies, all selling off-the-shelf solutions. Whilst everyone else offers you generic content management solutions, we have built a modular content management system that can be tailored to the requirements of your business. No-one else's.

Website functionality should be specific to your company, and this is where off-the-shelf solutions tend to fail. a fish in sea can offer you a content management system with a difference - a system that is bespoke to you and the scope to make additions at a later stage.

So what is a content management system anyway?
Before the age of Content Management Systems (or CMS), knowledge of programming languages such as HTML or Javascript was essential in order to update a website. This meant paying out-of-house agencies for each change and every update - expensive and time consuming. Websites have come a long way, not only for the user, but also for you, our client. A CMS is an interface that gives you the tools to update content when and as you need, without the knowledge of programming languages.

Today, it is absolutely crucial for your business to have in place, an efficient, workable and reliable content management system. London UK based company, a fish in sea is built on efficiency and this is evident in our design work and the CMS that we build for you. Our system, the afisCMS is unique to a fish in sea and can make a dramatic difference in the way you run your business.

What can you do with the afis content management system?
London, UK is the place to look if you need to regain control of the website that represents your company, brand or product. Why should you rely on someone else to change the content on your website? If you are looking for a design agency that understands your individual content management needs, a fish in sea can provide just that. Using a secure username and password, you can access your website's interface and make use of functionalities, such as:

  • add / edit / delete top level navigation
  • add / edit / delete sub navigation
  • add / edit / delete and format text on all pages
  • add / edit / delete rich content such as video, imagery, audio, etc
  • manage different levels of afisCMS users
  • content publishing rights
  • full control of search engine friendly URLs
  • full control of page titles, file names and meta tags
  • full control over robots files and instructions
  • add / edit / delete banners for each page of the web site including text, imagery and flash
  • Reorder all content and navigation just by a simple drag and drop system
  • add / edit / delete products and manage all associated information
  • full control over cross selling techniques such as products of the week, associated products, top 10 products, people who bought this also...etc.
  • full e-commerce functionality
  • easily integrated into all mainstream payment methods and gateways such as PayPal, WorldPay, Protx, etc
  • shopping basket
  • user populated wish lists
  • user secure areas
  • newsletter sign ups
  • add / edit / send of newsletters to all registered users
  • user management and order history
  • add / edit / delete faqs

The above functionality list is by no means exhaustive - the only limit to what the afisCMS can do is imagination, and a fish in sea have plenty of that to spare!

Seal of approval for our content management systems
London UK based design agency, a fish in sea have added bespoke content management systems to many different websites in many different sectors and guises, all with great success. If you want to regain control of your company website, our unique service is sure to get your personal seal of approval.