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Website Hosting in London, UK

Every website needs a good home.
Creating the perfect website design for your business is one thing. Getting involved with hosting is something that can scare a lot of people. It can mean speaking to overly technical IT people who will speak a lot of jargon. Many clients come to us who are worried they will look uninformed, or that they will be miss-sold to just because they do not have a good grasp of IT.

Our team at a fish in sea do not expect you to. Your time is best spent running your business, not looking at bandwidth, spam filters, autoresponders, name servers, mx records and the like. We can assist you with a fully managed website hosting package that means you don't have to worry about a thing.

Website hosting made easy
Our team understand that you may not have the time to worry about hosting, so we can offer a totally managed website hosting solution for you. We want it to be easy. You simply tell us what you require and we set it up. Let us know what email addresses you need and we will create them all at no extra cost All it takes is a simple call to one of our website hosting team.

Website hosting de-mystified
Our team will talk to you at a level you feel comfortable with. If we need to ask any questions, we can fully explain any implications or reasons in a way that will make sense to you. We don't want you to feel like you need to reach for an IT dictionary, we want you to understand and will converse in a way that makes sure you do.

Website hosting that is safe
We partner with Rackspace and UKFast, two of the biggest and best providers in the hosting market. Whilst we have to the minute control over our server, they have physical access to it. Our server is safely locked away in a secure location and is safe guarded by state of the art technology.

Sharing is not for everyone
A server is basically a computer where your website will live. It can be shared or dedicated. A shared server means your website hosting provider only has a section of that computer that they control. A dedicated server is a whole machine dedicated to one provider.

a fish in sea's server is a dedicated server. This means we control the entire machine. With a shared server provider, they may not be able to make specific changes as it would affect other owners of the shared server. We are not limited to what we can do to it by other owners...it is ours! We can make whatever changes are required to ensure your website runs smoothly and as it should.

Website hosting in good company
With a shared solution, you have no guarantee what other websites are living on the same server. You could be right next to a pornography website, gambling website or a website that sends out lots of spam communications. Any of these types of websites could harm the reputation or functionality of your own website, just by being located on the same server.

We only offer website hosting to our clients. This ensures that your website will be hosted in good company and have no impact on your business.

Good will website hosting
Our managed website hosting package runs with a fair use policy. This means we won't limit your services in any way. You can use as much bandwidth, have as many email addresses as you like. As long as your website does not impact any other website that lives on our server, then it can use as much as it likes.

It has not yet happened, but in the event that your website starts to impact other websites, then we would advise you of this in the first instance. Our website hosting team would then work with you to offer a solution that better fits your website's requirements.

Speak to one of our experienced website hosting team members to find out how we can take away the server stress today.