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Mobile Website Design in London, UK

Website design that is on the go.
With the mass appeal and coverage of mobile devices in today's market, it seems that creating a mobile website design to accompany the main company's website is the 'must have' for a lot of businesses, new and established alike.

It is no wonder with the internet as saturated as it is. Businesses are eager to get the upper hand on their rivals and having their website visible on as many devices and through multiple channels. That can only be a good thing right?

The website design team here at a fish in sea are here to help!

The benefits of a mobile website
We have all been annoyed whilst walking behind someone who is clearly surfing the internet on their mobile phone rather than look where they are going. You've probably noticed that iPads are more common than books when you're out having a coffee on your lunch break. So how does a mobile website design benefit your business?

Well considered professional website designs will mostly work on the latest Apple products, such as the iPhone and iPad, with little or no tweaking. These mobile devices are good at rendering website designs as they were intended. The more devices that you wish your website to work on, the more a specific mobile website design will be required.

Even when just looking at Apple devices, a standard website design that is not specifically designed for your target mobile device may not be as user friendly as it needs to be. Any site that does not offer a rewarding user experience or considered user journey will lose out to its rival websites that do.

A considered mobile website design is what it suggests. Once we know who the target audience are and what devices they will be using, then we can create a specific mobile website design to allow the information to be easily read and navigation that is easy to use, so allowing your mobile website the best chance to make an impact. So if the user's device employs a joystick, wheel or touch screen, they can use your site and find the information they are looking for easily and quickly.

Our designers and project management team will assist in identifying what mobile devices your target market are viewing your website on, or will, and so helping you create a plan that will ensure your mobile website design will work across your demographic's devices.

Serving the right content to the right people
A mobile website does not necessarily need to show the entire main website. Understanding what information users on which mobile devices will want to access is key to increasing the all important visitor experience.

For instance, a visitor using their mobile phone may only be looking for contact details for a specific person or office location and address rather than reading the whole history of the company. Whereas a user on an iPad is more likely to be in a position to invest time, and frame of mind to purchase products and services, and so require more information that will reinforce their decision to purchase.

Our website planners can help analyse your business requirements and build a content strategy to ensure users get the content they are looking for, when and where they need it. If it is a generic mobile website design, or one covering multiple devices, our mobile website design team can help.

Is a mobile website right for your business?
You may have some form of analytics set up on your main website, if so then this will help us advise you on your current mobile device usage and how necessary a mobile website design is for your business. Of course, you may be looking to grow your online presence, in this case obviously the past metrics might not be as relevant, but we can advise based on our past experience and accessing current usage stats for your type of business.

Either way, our team of experienced project managers, designers and developers are here to ensure you get the best result for your business. So why not get in touch today?