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Small Website Design in London, UK

A website design that will help small businesses grow.
Starting your own business is an exciting venture, but as you are probably becoming aware, it comes with a lot of things to think about! At some point you have realised that your business needs a website to help it grow. In today's marketplace, with more people shopping online, and with a web address being the first port of call to research a business, your website design and development has never been more important.

The greater the demand, the more companies there are trying to sell you the 'perfect' website design for your business, usually without even talking to you! This can make the project confusing right from the beginning.

a fish in sea are a website design company that specialises in small business website design, in building on target websites for our clients through creating a long lasting and honest, 2-way relationship with all of our clients, no matter what size their business is. This article is here to assist you in running through the process and giving you some tips on how to approach your small business website design project.

Good small business website design is all in the planning
As with most things in life, the more you put into something, the more you will generally get out of it. Whilst we always look to assist small businesses with their website design projects, it will help you to have thought about the project in some detail past just needing a website!

Firstly think about your business and how this website design and build will assist your business. Is it to be a small brochure site that will just act as a point of reference? Will it be required to sell anything online? Will you be looking to capture user data by offering downloads or something similar? What is it you want and need to say to the users you will capture? Start by simply listing the functionality that will be required and what the site will need to say.

Once you have an idea on what is required for the site to help your business, then you can start to see how many pages the site will be. If it is a small brochure website, then this might only need to be 4-5 pages. If it requires selling products, then you may need categories, product listing pages, specific product pages, and so be many more pages. This should allow you to begin creating even a very basic site map. This will help you see how your website will work and allow us to have a clear vision of what you are looking to achieve.

Relevant technology for small business website design
Our team are experienced in small business website design and will help you build a clear picture of what your business requires. Working backwards from that vision of the end solution, we can then ensure that the correct technology is used to help realise your goals.

A lot of website designers will push you to include flash design or javascript animation, perhaps tell you that you really should have a mobile version of the site. They will up-sell whatever specialities they have in house to increase your initial costs.

a fish in sea look to create an open and honest relationship with all of our clients. We will only look to include what is relevant to your business. If you small business website design project requires flash, if flash technology will help it achieve its goals, then we will build it for you. However, if any specific technology or add on is not required, we will look to strip back the build where suitable. This will leave your small business website design as a professional, clean and focussed end product that will actually work for your business and your users alike.

So speak to one of our project managers today and see what a professional small business website design project can do for your business.