Tina Wei

Lead Web Designer

Tina's Father wanted her to study business. So being a dutiful daughter, Tina obliged and took her first degree in Business Trade in China, but found that this was not to be her destiny.

Instead, Tina decided to forge her own path and so enrolled herself in drawing, oil painting and photography courses in college, feeling that all of her incesant doodling and sketching could actually lead her away from a life of high business deals and corporate lunches!

After graduation, Beijing Scene (an English publication similar to TimeOut) had the incredibly good sense to take Tina on as a graphic design trainee. This was the defining moment that she finally realised that you can actually have a career that you love. Tina went from strength to strength working in Beijing for four years as a graphic designer.

Still though, she was constantly questioned as how a graphic designer could have a business degree! That was it, in that moment Tina realised to shake off this economic curse she had to travel abroad, and so she came to the UK...to London.

Tina started a four-year art education in Camberwell College of Arts, London, where Syd Barrett studied Fine Arts! She gained a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, and MA in Illustration. Camberwell is renowned for its personal, fine arty approach, where Tina developed her own personal and conceptual style in image making, narrative skills, and film making. We say personal...some...most, would call it dark, quirky, and bordering on disturbing!!! Tina's stop animation short films...and some not so short...have been screened in prestigious film festivals such as the Premiers Plans Festival (Paris) and the Halloween Short Film Festival (London). Her work is influenced by M/M Paris, Julie Verhoeven, Tim Burton, Floria Sigismondi, David Lynch, Quay Brothers, Jan Svankmajer...to name but a few! She found it difficult to choose between still image-making and moving images, so she decided to become a digital designer, so she can do both.

Tina feels as though she has some sort of fish inside her...in a spiritual way, which is why we welcomed her with open arms into a fish in sea...well...that and her work actually scared the bejesus out of us! Tina is into astrology, tarot reading, supernatural and fantasy stuff and a big fan of Japanese horror films. And she is always proud of her genuinely 'Made in China' identity...she actually has it stamped on the sole of her foot...we checked!