PS Vita Advertorial

We worked with the Metro Newspaper to design a dynamic double-page spread (DPS) promoting the PS Vita handheld video console, specifically targeting the gaming community. This feature aimed to raise awareness about the extensive support network for the PS Vita, highlighting its versatility and appeal.

The DPS covered an array of content to captivate gamers, including an in-depth look at the top 10 games available for the console, showcasing a mix of popular titles and hidden gems. Additionally, the feature delved into the advanced capabilities of the PS Vita, such as its seamless integration and remote play functionality with the PlayStation 4, offering gamers a more interconnected and immersive experience.

To generate excitement for the future, we also spotlighted upcoming releases, giving players a sneak peek into what they could anticipate on the PS Vita platform. By blending informative content with eye-catching design, this DPS effectively communicated the value and innovation of the PS Vita.

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