Most folders just carry documents. Our folder designs build your brand.


Folder design is one of the many strings to our bow here at the a fish in sea design studio. Trust us to turn your corporate folder design into an art form.

A company folder can be used to hold important information in varying formats and demonstrates both your versatility in industry and your creativity in presentation. A corporate folder is a vehicle for delivering significant company messages, for example, company literature, leaflets, offers and in house advertisements. It can also be used to present pitches, tenders and presentations in a very professional manner. Upgrade your corporate identity, from logo design through to your web site design, with bespoke folder design, London UK.


We treat each project we take on as a separate venture and tailor our products to meet your specific needs providing you with a bespoke service unique to your company. The bespoke folder may be designed in different dimensions, with bespoke features such as business card slots, capacity pockets, and integral brochure pages. Release your creativity and show your clients you mean business with a well designed company folder.


Command attention to your marketing materials with a professional corporate folder designed by the best. Here at a fish in sea we understand how a unique approach to corporate branding can enhance your company’s image, status and future success. We think outside of the box and can highlight marketing solutions for all that may not have been previously targeted.

  • Establish the volume of content to be distributed in the folder prior to starting – it sounds obvious, but it has to be able to actually hold the required contents.
  • Consider generic options – folders are relatively expensive marketing collateral, cost savings can be achieved by getting more than one use from the item.
  • Consider the method of distribution – will it go in a padded envelope, bespoke clip case, be picked up at a seminar?
  • The intended life span of the folder design – is it a one off disposable item or will it be used to collate a selection of documents over a period of time?

As a leading name in all aspects of graphic design you can trust a fish in sea to deliver exquisite folder design every time.


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