Branding, Stationery & Livery Design

Collaborating with Teichmeister over the years has been a rewarding journey, marked by their remarkable growth and success in the field of hydraulics for specialised machinery. From humble beginnings to becoming a formidable presence in their industry, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing their evolution first hand.


It all began with the creation of their logo, a pivotal step in establishing their brand identity. Drawing on a deep understanding of their business, we crafted a design that captured the essence of their expertise. As Teichmeister’s trusted partners, we ensured that this theme of reliability and professionalism permeated every aspect of their branding.

Given their role as an indispensable emergency service available round-the-clock, Teichmeister sought a brand identity that reflected their dedication to rapid response and safety. Inspired by the high-visibility safety apparel worn by their team during critical interventions, we introduced a vibrant fluorescent orange accent colour into their branding palette. This bold hue not only enhanced their visibility but also served as a visual representation of their readiness to spring into action at short notice.

Stationery & Livery design

Building on this impactful branding element, we extended the theme across their stationery, ensuring that every communication reflects the same sense of urgency and reliability. From business cards to letterheads, each piece of stationery bore the unmistakable stamp of Teichmeister’s commitment to prompt and efficient service.

Taking their branding to the next level, we collaborated on the design of their high-visibility clothing and van signage, seamlessly integrating the fluorescent orange accent to enhance visibility and brand recognition. Whether responding to emergencies on-site or navigating city streets, Teichmeister’s presence was impossible to overlook, underscoring their reputation as a trusted ally in times of need.

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