Cancer Research UK

Event Launch Microsite

Cancer Research enlisted our help for the launch of their highly anticipated ‘Race for Life’ and ‘Pretty Muddy’ events. Recognising the importance of engaging previous participants, we devised a targeted campaign aimed at runners from past events, leveraging the Cancer Research database.

The campaign commenced with the creation of personalised direct mail pieces, meticulously tailored to resonate with each recipient. These mailers were strategically crafted to capture attention and drive action, with each containing a personalised URL (PURL) unique to the recipient. Upon accessing their personalised URL, recipients were seamlessly directed to a bespoke microsite designed and developed by our team.

The microsite offered content and interactive experiences tailored to each individual’s preferences and engagement history. Leveraging the power of PURLs, the system meticulously tracked and monitored each individual’s activity, enabling personalised engagement and guidance throughout their journey. Participants were guided through a seamless registration process – with events recommended based on their preferences and proximity. Our team ensured that the microsite was optimised for a seamless user experience across various devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile. This multi-device compatibility ensured accessibility for participants across all platforms – maximising engagement and conversion rates.

Integral to the success of the campaign was our implementation of advanced tracking and reporting mechanisms. Through analytics we generated comprehensive activity and engagement reports that provided Cancer Research with invaluable insights into participant behaviour and campaign effectiveness. These insights empowered Cancer Research to refine their targeting strategies and optimise campaign performance for future events.

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