Some of the less common logo design questions answered.

Can I edit my logo files?

We do not recommend editing your designs once approved, as modifying a logo unnecessarily will weaken the brand you are working hard to create. Exceptions to this would be inverted (white out) and single colour applications. This can usually be achieved by editing vector logo files within Adobe Illustrator – we are happy to modify on your behalf if necessary.

How can I use the bitmap logo files you have supplied?

Bitmap files are accepted by most office applications. They are usually ‘placed’ within a document.

How can I use the vector logo files you have supplied?

These files are usually used within the production of printed collateral, as well as a base for placing in design concepts at a required size. It can be placed in desktop publishing packages, as well as the vector package, Adobe Illustrator.

What is the Pantone Match System®?

Pantone® colours are an accurate way of communicating colours across the world – they are used by the majority of printers to enable accurate reproduction from print run to run.

Why do I need a bitmap logo file?

Most office applications readily accept bitmap files, and they are a convenient way of incorporating your branding in your own documents.

What is a scalable vector logo file?

A vector file can be scaled using appropriate software to any size with no loss of quality, as it is described using maths, rather than points or pixels, which are finite.

Do you provide us with a scalable vector logo file for print use?

Yes, vector files are provided in .eps format in RGB, CMYK and if applicable Pantone® colourspace.

Why do the colours look different when I print my logo compared to how it looks on screen?

Because a screen produces colour through emitted light, whereas a printed page reflects light – they are different mediums and colour ranges and radiance are therefore different too.

Do you provide a black & white solution too?

Yes, we design in black and white from the outset, to assure that your logo is identifiable and works well when reduced to its simplest form.

What file formats do you provide?

B&W: Vector .eps, .bmp
Colour : .jpg, .bmp, .eps


We will start on your logo design project when we receive your response to our logo design questionnaire, drop us a line and we will send it across for you to think start considering your response!

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