Stationery Design

Flourish is a multifaceted consultancy specialising in recruitment, life coaching and career guidance services. With a commitment to personalised support and nurturing growth, they approached us to develop a brand identity that resonated with their impactful approach.

Drawing inspiration from the essence of Flourish’s mission, we created an elegant logo that evoked a sense of warmth and individual attention. The logo, derived from a handwritten design, symbolised the personal touch and bespoke service that Flourish offers to each client.

In addition to the logo, we extended the refined aesthetic to their business stationery, which included business cards, letterheads, and compliment slips. Embracing a rich indigo blue, the colour palette exudes professionalism and sophistication while maintaining a sense of approachability.

To enhance the handwritten quality of the design, we incorporated subtle details and flourishes, adding a touch of charm and personality. The result is a cohesive brand identity that conveys Flourish’s commitment to empowering individuals on their journey toward personal and professional growth.

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