Creation of the final logo set.


By now you should have the logo design finished. The final stage is to convert the same logo into different formats so that the the client can use the logo design in the future for a range of different applications.

Start with the Pantone® design – save it on a page (about 120mm x 120mm), put an clear and trasparent box around it to give it some space (also this will make sure that it crops in properly when calling into other programs like InDesign.) Save as an .eps file. Convert the logo to CMYK colours – you will need this when designing material for printing using 4 a colour process, save as a seperate .eps file with a different extension name. Then open your original Pantone file and convert the colours to RGB you will need this for web site design and anything viewed on-line or on-screen. Make sure you save a black version too also in .eps format.


You also need to save the files in a .jpeg and/or .bmp format too – this will simply be a picture image of the logo. Open the RGB .eps up in Photoshop (or copy and paste from Illustrator to Photoshop) and save down as both high and low resolution .jpegs and bitmaps (high for print, low for web). It is advised to follow the same process for the black logo. Additional formats that are well received include .png, as that can support a transparent background, and an .svg format, as that can be included as a vector based design within a website, ensuring clarity at a range of screen sizes.

So now you have the logo set. Congratulations.

It might seem a long process to get all these file types together but it will save you time in the future, when you may want to do business card design or when putting the logo onto a letterhead design…. it’s there, ready to use! Save everything into relevant named folders – ideally by colourspace – for example: CMYK, RGB, K, Pantone® , then zip it up and send on to your delighted client.

Good luck!


As a designer, the responsibility to deliver a fantastic corporate logo design for a company or brand is immense. Equally if you are the one looking for the logo, its paramount that you direct the deign in a way that does not compromise your brand.

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