You get what you pay for, so really, how much is your brand worth?


It’s always been a common perception that the more expensive something is, the higher the quality – take baked beans for example – We ONLY buy Heinz, but all jokes aside, when it comes to something a lot more important than your fry-up accompaniment, its important to get the right balance between meeting budget and quality.

So what about when it comes to buying a logo? At a fish in sea, we believe that the most important and focal part of a company brand is just that, and critical that you get it right. I’ve looked into this. At a fish in sea, our fixed fee logo packages start at just £595. This may sound like quite a lot of money when you look at what else is out there, but don’t be fooled – those cheap logo companies are not for everyone.

Some logos start from just £25.00 – thats it! 25 quid! so I delved further….these programs basically let you create your own logo, they give you a list of sans-serif, serif and scripted fonts, and you can choose which you want the company name to appear in, and your strapline. Next you get to choose from a list of various cliparty-looking icons to find a little ident that really says everything about your business that you want it to! You can then play around with the placement of things… perhaps you want to put the icon above the text? or below? or left? or right?


Now coming from a person who works on logo creation as a day to day thing – I’m not short of ideas for how to create custom logos, and this program was DULL. I was so frustrated with the level of crappiness and the inability to have any sort of freedom with it. The system fonts were rubbish and common, and the icons were elementary. In my opinion, yes these places are very cheap and do offer a “reasonable” solution to a logo for a cheap price, but you really need to have a bit of an eye for design to get the look of it balanced and clean.

The free reign that we can offer to make sure your logo is not like anything else out there is endless. We can play with type, link letters, create custom ligatures, shapes and forms also, because we primarily work in Pantone® colours, we are privy to hundreds of shades of colours and tones, including metallic and fluorescent. I’m not sure what you would get for your 25 quid – but it niggles at me… what are these people not telling you?!

Now I know that I am biased, but if you want a really professional logo that’s customised specifically for your business, going for a fixed fee logo package that we offer still gives you great value for money for the fantastic result. A spectacular logo like the ones we have in our portfolio 😉 usually take around at least 20 hours from conception to completion. So in terms of man hours to cost, our prices are very competitive, check out our write up on how to create the perfect logo and see for yourself the level of expertise that is required for professional, custom logo creation.


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Brand identity is key. A logo is the cornerstone of your company. It is how your audience will instantly recognise who you are.

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