Professional illustrators with a wide range of experience to draw upon.


Whether it’s through clever copy, cutting-edge design, or beautiful illustration by talented artists, we can create a lasting impression through creative innovation. An illustration has the power to amplify any corporate message, making it striking, intriguing, and, above all, memorable.


At a fish in sea, our team of illustrators can turn your vision into reality. With their mastery of the craft, they exceed project briefs and breathe life into concepts, ensuring they resonate with your target audience.

Illustration allows us to communicate with your audience clearly and concisely. We understand its significance in simplifying complex messages and dedicate the same level of attention to detail and creativity as we do with all our graphic art. Before embarking on your project, we ensure a thorough understanding of your concept, allowing you to entrust your creative vision to our experts.


We take the time to understand your business, industry, and audience, offering a diverse range of illustration services, from computer-generated graphics to conventional media. Whether you require high-end corporate art, rich pictures, infographics, or graphical representations, we’re equipped to meet your artistic needs.

Your illustration can be delivered in various formats, from digital files for printing or online usage to large-format canvases for exhibition displays or framing. For top-notch business illustration services in London, UK, look no further than a fish in sea.



Whether embedded in reports, data sheets, or online, our infographics distill complex topics into clear, concise visuals that engage and inform. Let our infographic designs illuminate your message and captivate your viewers.

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We love great imagery, however sometimes they just need a little bit more enhancement here or there. Photo realistic image manipulation is an art form. We offer expert image retouching to enhance the appeal of your project.

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Bold poster design that grabs attention and tells your story at a glance. Make a powerful statement with visually striking posters tailored to your needs.

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Ready to illustrate your idea? Let our illustrators create an image that goes beyond expectations, capturing the essence of your idea in every curve and contour. Your illustration, your story – meticulously crafted by a fish in sea.