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At a fish in sea we understand the intricacies of packaging design. Packaging needs to encompass mathematical precision with artistic flair. You can’t have beautiful designs if the engineering of your wrapping lets your product down.


a fish in sea are marketing pioneers. We have expertise in every discipline, from corporate identity design and logo design, to point of sale design and packaging design. This expertise means if you are looking for packaging design, our studio should be your first port of call. Packaging design demands a broad brush stroke of marketing nous and design skill, where the biggest ideas and the smallest of details dovetail effortlessly.

Packaging design should entice, educate, wrap and protect an item. In short, it needs to be the full package! Effective packaging design will make the difference between high and low sales. So your product needs to stand out from the competition and leap off the shelf, but the design will also require the inclusion of essential information so clarity is essential, so that the consumer can make an informed purchasing decision.


Additionally, the packaging design needs to offer a bespoke solution to the problem of containing the object in question. Apart from considering the faces of of the package, packaging design must also consider the engineering. From folds to cutters, to slits, to drawers and locking tabs, the designer must understand how the item will sit on the shelf, how it will be held, and how it will be opened. The packaging designer must look for interactivity between object and consumer, to intrigue whilst clearly displaying the object and re-enforcing your brand… we can help with these requirements – drop us a line.

  • Impact on the shelf – your packaging design needs to be noticed, we can get it to pull at the heartstrings with its delicacy or shout loudly from the top shelf.
  • Durability / life-span are important considerations, does it have to last the rigours of transit or handling, is the package a disposable item, what will happen to it when its been disposed?
  • Consider the purpose – can it be used as a marketing tool to cross sell additional items or services?
  • Touch and feel – client interaction is important, how your package feels in the hand can reinforce an appropriate marketing message.
  • How are similar products within the range represented, what is the glue that sets them apart as a collection?

Whether you have a message, an event, or a target audience in mind, our flyer designs elevate your voice and captivate your audience, ensuring your message resonates far and wide.

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Define your essence. Your philosophy, values and aspirations – encapsulated in your brochure. Our brochure designs effortlessly convey who you are, helping clients determine if you’re the perfect match for their needs and aspirations.

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POS design, or point of sale design, is ubiquitous in today’s physical retail space – it plays a pivotal role in shaping consumer experiences. We create impactful POS designs that elevate brands and drive sales.

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Ready to create a new design for your book? Let’s embark on a book jacket project that goes beyond expectations, capturing the essence of your words in every pixel and print. Your book, your story – meticulously crafted by a fish in sea.