Chaat House

Packaging Design

Chaat House approached us with the need for a packaging solution that would do justice to their exquisite tea and spice mixes. They envisioned a packaging design that captured the essence of their products and delighted their customers from the moment they set eyes on it.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and aromatic nature of Chaat House’s offerings, we embarked on creating a packaging solution that would truly stand out. We carefully crafted the outer design and illustrations, ensuring that every detail reflected the quality and uniqueness of the products within.

In our quest to bring their vision to life, we went the extra mile to source the perfect embossed tin that would not only preserve the freshness of the contents but also add a touch of elegance to the overall presentation. We also designed complementary swing tags that added an extra layer of charm and information for the consumer. Throughout the process, from conceptualisation to production, we worked closely with Chaat House to ensure that every aspect of the packaging met their expectations and conveyed the message of the delightful treasures awaiting inside.

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