Common t-shirt design questions answered.

How useful do you see the T-Shirt as a form of advertising?

In the right environment, very, as it can be seen globally in an instant – an example is a global icon being seen in a particular design, the curiosity is increased immediately and demand follows.

How much influence do you feel T-Shirt graphics has in forming an identity?

We get into the design of T-shirts at a young age, motivated by messages, and the desire to belong to particular peer groups are all strong motivators. People frequently wear t-shirts to deliver a statement of some description, if that helps form their identity then they definitely have a degree of influence.

Do you think the T-Shirt will ever tire?

No… its way to flexible.

What are your favourite T-Shirt designs of all time?

Maharishi does some nice embroidered dragons that have worked really well. They are very intricate and we love that attention to detail.

What do you believe is the most iconic T-Shirt that has been made?

Probably something with Che Guevara or Iron Maiden on, although personally it would be a Happy Mondays T!

What overall messages do your designs convey?

Depends on the client brief, they are frequently positive statements or imagery used to create an atmosphere.

Where do you get your ideas for your designs?

This is usually driven by the client brief, with established parameters on freedom of expression!
Thereafter we research, sketch and manipulate to get the desired effect.

What do you take into consideration before you start designing?

The client brief, target market, as well as the production method and budget.

What is it about T-Shirt design that you find so appealing?

Freedom, flexibility, the mobility and portability of the garment all appeal.

How important do you feel the T-Shirt has become in today's society?

Worn everyday, by literally billions of people, T-shirts are extremely important in most societies in some way, from simple warmth and protection, to high end fashion, the humble t-shirt is here to stay.


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