Revisions are not a negative, evolution of an idea is key.


Once you have sent on the logo designs and received your client feedback on them you will be likely to start the revision stage.

It is very rare that you will hit the mark on the very first time, but take on board your client comments with a positive attitude, and revise the chosen design’s accordingly in line with their wishes. They may want you to come up with further variations on the same design. really listen to what the client wants – offer them advice, but if they are set on their ideas, try to interpret what they are aiming for in a ‘designed’ way. Have an opinion of your own too – if you don’t think something will work, explain to the client why. They are working with you as an expert, and your professional opinion is one of the reasons you were hired for this task.


Once you have got the design close to finished, you can move on to colour application. Explore a variety of different groups according to what the client may have discussed with you at the briefing stage. i.e if they want a ‘pop’ colour pallet give them violet, and lime – don’t give them earthy tones. Use Pantone® colours to begin with and tell them the colour references – they may want to look the colour up themselves as it can look quite different on-screen, alternatively – if they are a little (understandably) particular about the colours they want to see, ask them if they can find a sample to send to you  – paint chips from B&Q? a band of colour in a magazine? Anything that you may refer to as a good source to colour match.


By now you should have the logo design finished. The final stage is to convert the same logo into different formats so that they can use it in the future for a range of different applications.

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As a designer, the responsibility to deliver a fantastic corporate logo design for a company or brand is immense. Equally if you are the one looking for the logo, its paramount that you direct the deign in a way that does not compromise your brand.

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Brand identity is key. A logo is the cornerstone of your company. It is how your audience will instantly recognise who you are.

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