Your images can be pixel perfect – we have the art of retouching.


We love photos, but sometimes we wish there was a little less red eye here, and a bit more colour enhancement there. Photo realistic image manipulation is an old art in the world of graphic design, and at a fish in sea, we can offer expert image retouching.

A graphic designer without the skill of image manipulation is like a fish out of water. That’s why our team are fully trained, experienced and capable of taking on your requirements.

The most common misconception is that the magic of image retouching will produce a draw dropping result for your images. Whereas the real beauty of it is that in most instances, the end user will not even know that the image has been altered in any way. The finished look is realistic, raw and completely truthful to the human eye.

  • Removal of dust and scratches
  • Red eye reduction
  • Colour balancing
  • Image merging
  • Model retouching
  • Image effects
  • Composition
  • Enhancements

Image retouching can also be used to dramatically change an image for artistic effect. Your project will be handled with your requirements in mind, and our designers can exceed the expectations of your brief.

We have vast experience when it comes to image manipulation and retouching. In fact, it is something that happens on just about all projects to some extent. Over the years, skills and applications have progressed significantly and today, we are able to change the finest details – this could be something as subtle as airbrushing a mole or improving a subject’s skin tone.

You can benefit from our services for model photographs, headshots, marketing collateral, product photos, website images, posters, catalogue shots, art and graphics, and much more. For nothing less than perfect, get in touch with a fish in sea.


Where imagination knows no bounds, illustrations aren’t just visuals – they’re narratives of expressions and inspiration. Explore the endless possibilities of illustration with our creative design team, where each stroke tells a unique story.

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Ready to illustrate your idea? Let our illustrators create an image that goes beyond expectations, capturing the essence of your idea in every curve and contour. Your illustration, your story – meticulously crafted by a fish in sea.