Your graphic design questions answered.

Where are you located?

We benefit from the surroundings of a beautiful graphic design studio within the landmark Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, Wandsworth Common, London, UK

What happens if it doesn't work out?

We work hard to produce design solutions that exceed your design brief, the design process is an evolutionary one, with initial concept refined into a complete and polished solution.

If after the initial concepts are presented, they are deemed unsuitable, for whatever reason, we will happily redraw from scratch using your new feedback as a base to move forward, if this is a fixed fee package, we will not return to the initial concepts however! If after the secondary concepts are presented, they are still considered unworkable, and after honest feedback between us, the process is deemed to be beyond salvation, we will retain the initial payment to cover the time invested in the creation of design concepts, this is the most time intensive period, due to the thought that goes into creating solutions. The aim is for a fair compromise to be reached. If we are on a rolling fee agreement, we will simply bill for the hours competed.

Our main aim in this process is to exceed you’re expectations, designing a graphic design solution that will stand the rigours of time, that you can be genuinely proud of. We continually endeavour to improve our service and welcome any comments.

Who owns the rights to the completed graphic design solution?

On settlement of the agreed fee, we pass all ownership rights to you – we do reserve the right to display our created graphic designs for promotional purposes. We hope that’s cool with you.

Do you have any completed work samples of graphic design I can see?

Yes, of course – we have produced hundreds of graphic design solutions for clients around the globe – design samples are available to view here: graphic design portfolio

How can I see my graphic design concepts?

We will send a .pdf file via email that you can view both on screen and print out. We are happy to provide in an alternate electronic format if specified, hard copy proofs via mail / courier are also available at additional cost.

How much will it cost?

This is directly related to the time we are to spend on your project. We will calculate the time required to inform you of full costs / breakdown prior to starting.

How long will it take?

This is dependant on the time available! We are experts in rapid turnaround solutions and are used to working under extreme timelines too reach almost impossible deadlines. We do prefer the luxury of time – as this allows us the opportunity to explore appropriate solutions and put forward solutions that have been fully considered.

What is your graphic design process? How does it work?

Discuss client requirements, aims and message or ‘call to action’. Produce initial design solutions and present to client. Revise until client is happy that brief is met or deadline arrives. Set up for print, get printed, deliver.

What do you need to know to get this project off the ground?

Aside from your brief, aims of project,text and imagery if required, we need your contact information – so that we can liaise throughout the project, and a company PO or initial payment.

We also require your enthusiasm! in the majority of design projects, client input is essential to create a relevant, intelligent and on-target solution. We enjoy and our passionate about our work, and that frequently rubs off on our clients, equally, we get the best results from clients who are enthused by the projects that they are undertaking, if you believe in it, we can make it happen.

How do we get started?

We will start on your graphic design project when we receive your full design brief, relevant text and supporting imagery if required, as well as having agreed turnaround time, fee and payment terms.


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