Branding, Stationery & Print Design

When tasked with developing a new branding proposition for Interconnector, a pivotal company responsible for managing the flow of gas between the UK and mainland Europe through its extensive infrastructure and pipeline network, we recognised the importance of capturing the essence of their bi-directional operations. Our goal was to create a brand identity that symbolised the seamless flow of energy between these two regions.


Drawing inspiration from the cyclical nature of Interconnector’s core business, we conceived a logo featuring two pipes intertwined in a continuous loop, forming the iconic Interconnector roundel. This visual representation effectively communicated the company’s role in facilitating the efficient movement of gas in both directions across borders.

Stationery & Print design

Building upon this foundational concept, we extended the brand identity across various touch-points, including stationery and printed materials such as brochures and folders. Each element was meticulously crafted to reinforce Interconnector’s core values of efficiency, safety, and reliability, resonating with stakeholders and reinforcing the company’s position as a trusted leader in the energy sector.

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