The Co-operative Bank

Campaign Microsite

In response to The Co-operative Bank’s initiative to deepen their understanding of their customer base, we created an integrated campaign that would provide valuable insight and foster stronger connections with their customers. Our approach began with the development of a strategic campaign framework. Recognising the importance of personalised engagement, we devised a campaign strategy aimed at delivering targeted messaging tailored to individual recipients.

Direct mail

The campaign started with an unbranded direct mail piece meticulously crafted to intrigue and captivate the recipients. Each mailer featured a Personalised URL (PURL) uniquely tailored to the recipient’s profile, inviting them to embark on a personalised journey of discovery.


Upon accessing their personalised URL within the microsite. Initially unbranded to maintain an element of curiosity, the microsite gradually unveiled The Co-operative Bank’s identity and purpose as recipients navigated through its engaging content.

Dialogue Engine

Central to the success of the campaign was the implementation of our advanced dialogue engine, which facilitated tracking, monitoring and analysis of participant interactions at every stage of the journey. This sophisticated tracking mechanism enabled real-time insights into participant engagement and response rates, allowing for agile adjustments and optimisations as needed.

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