Isaiah 61

Branding, Stationery, POS & Brochure Design

Isaiah 61 emerged from the heartfelt vision of spreading positivity through fashion while giving back to the community. Picture this: a vibrant T-shirt company with a heart of gold, where every purchase contributes to charitable causes and local initiatives. Led by an inspiring client whose passion for making a difference is as contagious as a smile, Isaiah 61 embodies the essence of compassion and purpose.


At the heart of Isaiah 61 lies the mantra: ‘Faith is a Journey’ This resonant phrase speaks volumes to the brand’s target audience, encapsulating the ever-evolving nature of life’s twists and turns. It’s a reminder that every step we take, no matter how challenging, is part of a greater journey toward growth and fulfilment.

When it came to branding, we drew inspiration from the iconic American interstate road signs, symbolic of adventurous road trips and the thrill of discovering new horizons. The logo, with its sleek Route 66 inspired design and clean typography, echoes the spirit of exploration and the boundless possibilities that lie ahea

Stationery, POS & Brochure Design

But Isaiah 61 isn’t just about T-shirts; it’s a holistic brand experience. From stationery that exudes sophistication to brochures and look books that showcase the latest collections, every touchpoint reflects the brand’s ethos of empowerment and positivity. Even the clothing swing tags and postcards serve as reminders that every purchase is a step toward making a difference in someone’s life.

Of course, no modern brand is complete without a digital presence. We brought Isaiah 61’s vision to life with a website that integrates their style and purpose, inviting customers to embark on their own journey of faith and philanthropy with just a few clicks.

In essence, Isaiah 61 is more than just a clothing brand; it’s a beacon of hope, a catalyst for change and a testament to the power of fashion with a purpose.

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