EightyTwenty Insight, also known as 8020i, emerged in 2007 as a sourcing advisory firm, offering strategic counsel in response to the ever-changing landscape of outsourcing. To elevate their brand presence we were commissioned to help refine and expand upon their original branding.

Central to our approach was the integration of bespoke illustrations, commissioned to capture the essence of EightyTwenty Insight’s unique value proposition. These illustrations served as the cornerstone of their corporate collateral and marketing materials, infusing each piece with a distinct visual identity.

In addition to traditional branding elements, we conceived an innovative promotional strategy centred around a cube-based leave-behind. This showcased the company’s commitment to creativity and innovation but also provided a memorable tactile experience for recipients.

By infusing creativity and strategic thinking into every aspect of their branding, we ensured that EightyTwenty Insight stood out, captivating clients and stakeholders with a compelling visual narrative that reflected their expertise and forward-thinking approach.

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