Sugar & Vanilla

Business Card Design

Creating stationery for Sugar and Vanilla was an opportunity to infuse their brand identity with the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines their delicious creations. Just as each bespoke cake and cupcake is meticulously crafted, their stationery needed to reflect this commitment to personalised service and artisanal quality.

Business Card Design

For their business cards, we showcased the intricate process behind each culinary masterpiece. Through a series of delightful illustrations, we captured the essence of handcrafted excellence, depicting the various stages of creation—from mixing ingredients to decorating the final product. These illustrations adorned the back of the business cards, serving as a visual reminder of the care and dedication that goes into every Sugar and Vanilla creation.

By incorporating these unique illustrations into their stationery, we were able to strengthen Sugar and Vanilla’s brand identity to convey their values of authenticity and craftsmanship. Each business card becomes a testament to the artistry and passion that defines Sugar and Vanilla’s sweet treats.

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