QI properties

Branding, Stationery & Brochure Design

QI Properties, a property investment fund headquartered in London, approached us with a clear vision for their brand identity. Collaborating closely with the Directors, we committed to bring their distinctive brand to life – starting with the creation of a compelling logo that would serve as the cornerstone of their identity.

Drawing inspiration from the Directors’ specific brief, which emphasised a colour palette comprising deep blue and maroon tones. Through iterative design process and feedback sessions, we refined the logo to ensure it resonated with the firm’s stakeholders while reflecting its professionalism and expertise in the property investment sector.

With the logo serving as a foundational component, we developed the overarching positioning strategy for the brand, articulating its value proposition and differentiation in the property market landscape.

Building upon the brand identity and positioning, we translated these concepts into a comprehensive set of marketing materials tailored to QI Properties’ diverse comms needs. From stationery sets to compelling brochures, product memorandums, and event collateral, each piece was designed to convey the firm’s credibility, professionalism and commitment to value through returns.

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